Loan brings end to dispute over Nolde painting

The long-term dispute between Stockholm’s Moderna Museet and the heirs of Otto Nathan Deutsch has finally been settled.

Emil Nolde’s 1917 painting Blumengarten (Utenwarf), which has been in the Moderna Museet’s collection since 1967, has now been bought from the Deutsch heirs by a private collector and loaned back to the museum for a period of up to five years. The issue was settled under the terms of the 1998 Washington Conference. The painting originally disappeared in 1939, when Deutsch fled from the Nazis in Frankfurt to Amsterdam. The Deutsch family have had to return the compensation paid to them by the German government in the early 1960s.

This article was published in The Art Newspaper, October 2009, p12. To see it in context, click the PDF link below.

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