Images of Athens riots taken down

An exhibition of photographs at London’s Hellenic Centre depicting Athens after last December’s riots was taken down the day after the opening.

The images, by Greek photographers Spiros Christofi and George Kasolas, were due to be on display from 14-30 January. “At the end of the opening night, the director got in touch and said they wanted us to take the images down and cancel the exhibition,” said Christofi. “It is our impression that the work was censored due to political reasons.” Christofi and Kasolas had a contract with the venue to show images of urban landscapes. They were asked to send two examples of their work and a brief description two months prior to the show, before they took this new set of photographs following the December riots. “They gave us absolute freedom to select the images,” said Christofi. “When we put the pictures up the day before the opening no one cared to comment on the subject. After the opening night we were just told to remove all the images.” The Hellenic Centre, founded in 1994 to promote Greek culture in the UK, would not comment on the reasons for the show’s cancellation.

This article was published in The Art Newspaper, March 2009, p4. To see this article in context, please click on the PDF link below.

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