Carsten Nicolai: Aoyama Space

Kunstraum Innsbruck
7 November-19 December 2009

German artist and musician Carsten Nicolai’s work is concerned with scientific experiments involving sound, light and space. The main presentation is four 2009 works from the “Aoyama Space” series. The name derives from a photographic studio in Tokyo’s Aoyama district, in which there is a concave room designed to create a seemingly endless space. Nicolai’s “Aoyama Space” works act as scaled down models of imaginary room installations, replicating the curved edges of the studio. In each case, a box is illuminated by a light triggered by specially composed electronic sounds.
Also on show are 48 prints from the “Fades Stills” series of 2006, the images taken from his “Fades” video and sound installation, in which beams of white light are projected to create a light sculpture that moves in synch with the sound. Nicolai is also showing another installation work involving sound, Invertone, 2007. Two loudspeakers emit white noise in a room whose walls are coated with sound-absorbing acoustic foam. If the viewer stands directly between the two speakers, the soundwaves erase each other, but at all other points in the room the sound can be heard.
The show, curated by Kunstraum Innsbruck director Stefan Bidner and Innsbruck artist Christoph Hinterhuber, has been staged in collaboration with the Innsbruck organisation Medien Kunst Tirol. On 7 November, Nicolai will be performing under his musician identity, Alva Noto, with a live sound and video event at the Innsbruck venue Max Events and Culture.

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