Rafael Schmidt's photobooth

A photobooth has been transformed into a confessional by Zurich-based architect Rafael Schmidt. J’adore Aglisia is an adaptation of one of the 1960s photobooths found across Berlin, covered in 90mm-thick PVC that has been CNC-milled.

The interior is lined with golden, anodised aluminium that has been lasercut with various symbols, including Louis Vuitton branding. “God is dead, according to Nietzsche, and we have a new kind of religion now,” says Schmidt. “In the past, you were defined by what you did, but now you define yourself by what you consume.” The title is a reference to the advertising slogan J’adore Dior, and “Aglisia” is also an acronym of the Latin words for the seven deadly sins.

Inside you kneel down to pose for your photostrip, which is printed with a label stating, “J’adore Aglisia. Freed of all sins, expiry date 2012”. The prototype was shown in Berlin in the Kunstsalon exhibition last September, and Schmidt is looking for a location in Berlin, London or Zurich to place the booth, perhaps in the lobby of a museum. It is also going to be shown in the Swiss Art Awards exhibition during Art Basel in June, and there are plans to produce more.

This article was published in the May 2010 issue of Icon magazine (www.iconeye.com). To view it in context, click on the PDF below.

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