Japanese design studio Nendo’s two launches in Milan this year have concealed quirks. The products are inspired by nature, and fuse an understated presence with kinetic features.

Part of “bloomroom” – Nendo’s solo exhibition in Zona Tortona – Hanabi (Japanese for fireworks) is a lamp that opens out like a flower when switched on. The heat of the bulb triggers the petal-like strips that surround it to spread symetrically outwards, and when the bulb cools they close back in, recovering their original shape.

Aside from the exhibition, Nendo will also be launching the Yab-hanger, produced by Swedish manufacturer Blå Station. Inspired by bamboo thickets, Yab-hanger is a series of 21 stainless steel vertical rods, each 10mm thick. On first glance the piece looks merely decorative, but clothes can be hung on the tops of the rods, and the piece can function as a screen or room-divider.

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