Miriam van der Lubbe

Hand-knotted fibreglass lights by designers Miriam van der Lubbe and Niels van Eijk have been suspended in a hospital atrium in the Netherlands. The project, commissioned by public arts organisation SKOR, has been installed in the recently expanded Diaconessenhuis hospital in Leiden.

The lights are a larger, rectangular variation of the 2002 Bobbin Lace Lamp. Van Eijk knotted the fibreglass strands by hand over a period of months. The strands, which each contain 400 filaments, were deliberately broken so the light seeps through them to create a glowing effect.

The shapes and configuration of the three lights were inspired by the surrounding geometrical forms within the atrium. “We based the whole design on Rietveld and the De Stijl movement, which originated in Leiden”, says van der Lubbe.

Published in Icon magazine, June 2007

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