Icon News: Ineke Hans exhibition at Aram

Ineke Hans’ first UK solo show, Mind-Sets, is at London’s Aram Gallery during the London Design Festival.

The exhibition, which ran at the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem, Holland, earlier this year, includes three new products by the Dutch designer – a coatstand for van Esch, a chair for Ahrend and an acoustic panel for Offecct. “It sounds quite strong, a retrospective – I think you should do these things when you’re really old,” says Hans. “I see this exhibition more as a story that I’d like to tell about design.”

The Corner Guy coatstand, made from aluminium, defies the usual rounded footprint
to fit better into corners. “If you put a few of them together, you can make really nice configurations – skylines, islands, things like that,” says Hans.

The chair for Ahrend is a response to the Dutch company’s classic Revolt chair, by Friso Kramer, which “everyone in Holland has sat on, as a child, at school, in canteens”, says Hans. “It’s a beautiful chair, but it’s very difficult to make nowadays –
it’s very expensive.” Unlike the Revolt chair, Hans was keen to make a stackable item, with and without armrests.

The Geo Soundwave acoustic panel, designed to absorb sound, is made from recycled plastic bottles. “The tiles look like cells, but if you connect them in a bigger configuration they become almost like three-dimensional wallpaper,” says Hans. The geometrical patterning refers to the wide-ranging type of decoration found across the world, from the Moorish Alhambra palace
in Spain to northern Sweden.

The show also includes a back catalogue of Hans’ works – with pieces for Arco, Cappellini, Lensvelt and others – alongside traditional Dutch design from the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem and pieces from Hans’ personal collection.

This article was published in the October 2010 issue of Icon magazine. To view it in context, click on the PDF link below

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